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What is Pain?



Michael back problem story

        I have suffered from bad posture since my late teens and it got gradually worse.

I decided to do something about it at 31 years old. I looked up on search engine for spinal clinics which specialise with my problem and came across the Scoliosisinlondon.

        I had a consultation which was very helpful and Joanna explained what was wrong with my posture. I booked at two week course on which I learned to correct my posture through the various breathing exercises. At first the exercises seemed strange, but after a few days I realised the exercises are perfect to solve my problem.

        I will continue to do these exercises at home.


































Never is too late for scoliosis treatment, but if we start treatment earlier, correction will be easier.




1/SEX - mild curves affect boys and girls equally, but girls are 10 times more likely

to have curves that can progress.


2/AGE - the younger the child when scoliosis appears, the bigger chance of progression.


3/GENETIC FACTORS - it is thought that scoliosis runs in families. 


Do you suffer from: 

pins and needles?

spine problems?

Back pain?

Do you exercise spine?


Early detection may lead to early treatment,which may stop the curve from getting worse.


Children of women who have scoliosis should be screened for scoliosis regularly...


Non surgical treatment

for scoliosis of the spine

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Exercise scoliosis with the Katharina Schroth Method 


Best way to treat scoliosis in adults